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HP Repairs Perth by Computer Mechanics

So you’re in Perth and you’ve got a problem with an HP 2000, Compaq Pavilion or Presario notebook.

If you’re interested in rapid turnaround and manageable costs, this is Computer Mechanics territory; we have done a lot of HP laptop repairs in Perth (And we’ve done a lot of HP desktop PCs too; there are millions of them out there). We cover almost the whole range; from the budget level Presarios to the Envy Spectre Ultrabooks and the new Sleekbooks. No; there is no word you can’t add to ‘book’.

When your laptop’s out of warranty or it’s had software problems, liquid spills, or accidental damage – where the warranty does not apply – you’re better off dealing with a West Australian repair facility like our own. All service inquiries to HP Compaq in Australia go to the Indian call centre. There is no official service centre.

Computer Mechanics have all nationalities in our workshop. Also, our phone system is direct; you won’t have to ‘select an option’ three times.

Fixing laptop hardware requires experience and patience. By the time they’ve packed a hard drive, battery and motherboard into these suckers there’s barely room for a keyboard and a USB port. We’ve developed some specialist knowledge and we fit parts locally in our East Perth workshop.

Often this starts with a call-out but if it’s urgent and you know it needs a new part, eg a hard disk replacement, new graphics card or a memory upgrade you can send it straight in. The benefit in dealing with Computer Mechanics on laptops is very fast turnaround times compared to the manufacturer.

With Presarios we’ve done a lot of screen replacements but the most frequent problems are power supplies. Power adapters and batteries are the most common issue. Laptop batteries are now cheap and generally easy to replace.

We can also repair the Compaq Mini netbook range, the ElitePads and other Touchpads.

If you’re at risk of losing data, know that Computer Mechanics have heaps of experience in the delicate business of Data Recovery.

The other thing that is a quick fix is broken power connectors the ends of cables and cords are always breaking off. Compaq is no worse than other laptops in our experience in reliability and service support issues. Often these problems are easily fixed – replacement parts are sourced from the HP warehouse in Melbourne.

Hp laptop repairs perth

Broken DVD drives and CD drives are a problem (with all manufacturers) and can be replaced without having to buy a new laptop.

We’re happy to quote and for parts replacements your cost estimate will be reliable. Where the repair involves troubleshooting a problem we may need to quote you a range. Obviously the cost depends on how much time is involved. The good news is that for HPs and Compaqs, parts turnaround is pretty quick.

I did mention memory upgrades didn’t I? Lame joke; just seeing if you’re still reading. More RAM can help speed up a slow laptop but a proper clean out will make a big difference too. If you’ve got a notebook in for some part replacement, it’s smart to let us do some maintenance on it. HP Compaq recommends annual attention because dust will build up inside the unit and can cause overheating problems which shorten the life of your laptop.

Happy to quote on any out-of-warranty repairs we’re on 9325 1196.

HP and Compaq are registered trademarks and trade names. Computer Mechanics makes no representation that it is associated with HP/Compaq or is a licensed repair facility.