Hp laptop repairs done in Perth

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Hp Virus Cleanup and Removal

Having a virus on your computer is a big issue. Its the same as someone entering your house. They can see what you do, take your things and even leave things there that you may not want.

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Removing a virus

When it comes to cleaning up a virus, there are a few things you can try but a virus can be a tricky thing and can sometimes reinfect a computer before they are completely cleaned. Some laptops these days come with an Anti-Virus program installed, so you can begin by running this. The installed program does vary based on the brand of laptop so if your laptop has an anti-virus program installed run it. See what it can find. If you do manage to find a virus, give us a call and we can asses over the phone for free if the computer is still infected or not.

Keeping your computer virus free

To keep a computer 100% virus free would be very difficult. First thing you need to make sure your computer is not connected to the internet or to any networks, ever. Then you also need to make sure you never plug anything into the computer or insert and disks.

Not sure what you will use your computer for if you have access to nothing but there are a number of other options that are at least 90% safe. Installing a good suite of security software on the computer and scanning regularly is the best way to stay secure. Not sure what to do? Give us a call on (08) 9325 1196